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International Camp
Updated 02-20-06.
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2006 Dates to be determined.  NOTE: We are trying hard to get both our busy schedules to mesh!  Marco will be at WMA as soon as scheduling allows, but it won't be in early Spring, as previously stated.  Please keep checking back, because as as soon as the dates have been determined, this camp will fill quickly!
An agility camp with an international flavor!  2006 Camp featuring FCI World Champion Marco Mouwen of Switzerland.  Designed for dogs and handlers who are ready to enter higher education or "college".  Dogs must be competing at the Masters / Elite / Excellent level.  Fees (includes continental breakfast, snacks and lunch each day): $750 / working spot with one dog (extra dogs add $50 / dog); $375 for auditors without dogs. All fees are in US dollars.
LIMITS: Limited to 12 campers with dogs.
Campers enjoyed Marco so much in 2004 and 2005 that we are proud to get him back to WMA in early spring, 2006.
RESERVE your space early - this camp will fill fast!
EMPHASIS ON: Strategy and handling; full course and sequence skill building.

Lots of full course work - experiment with different handling techniques to get the most out of your dog.
Learn how to set the fastest lines for your dog - the European way!
Open access to courses and focus stations - plenty of space and equipment.
Emphasis on handling the advanced level dog.
LOTS of individual help!
Lots to do and learn, even without a dog!

Bring your fast running shoes!

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