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Intermediate Agility
Updated 01-08-08.  
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Contact Julie directly for session dates/times and availability!

Learn the basics of this exciting sport that's fun for both dog and handler! Designed for dogs and handlers who have graduated from WMA's Family Pet or Agility FUNdamentals Class. Learn how to train the obstacles, as well as the handling moves that happen in between obstacles.  Agility is a team sport, with you as team leader and your dog as MVP!  Fees: $100 / dog and handler. ($50.00 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot for this class).  All fees are in US dollars.  
SESSION GOALS: Confidence building, groundwork skills and shaping obstacle skills.  Learn the intermediate steps of training each obstacle for the desired performance.  Further develop your skills as a handler to be able to lead your teammate through short sequences of jumps, tunnels, weave poles and contact obstacles.   

WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS: Please bring a flat buckle collar and leash (6 foot standard nylon works best!), lots of yummy treats that are easy to feed in tiny pieces.  If your dog has a very favorite toy, bring that too!  It's best to wait to feed your dog his evening meal until after class.  Agility FUNdamentals Classes take place indoors in bad weather (rubber matted classroom area and / or 9200 sq. ft. agility arena with CUSTOM ASTROTURF / WHITE SAND FOOTING. THE VERY BEST!) In good weather, classes will be held outdoors.

General WMA Class Registration Form - Contact Julie directly for 2008 session dates /times and availability!
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