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Julie Daniels' Agility Spa October, 2006 (Dates TBD)
Updated 12-05-05.
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Training & Handler Fitness Camp: For the physical, mental and spiritual performer in you.  All levels of agility enthusiasts welcome! No fitness pre-requisites required.  You don't need to be in great shape to enjoy this camp! And YES, this IS a dog camp!  Fees (Includes gourmet catered spa cuisine (breakfast, lunch and snacks) as well as one sports massage for you or your dog): $800 / working spot with one dog (extra dogs add $50 / dog)

LIMITS: Limited to 25 campers with dogs.

Work with 4 world-renowned trainers, then relax in the spa!   Featuring Chris Zink DVM, PhD., IFCS Gold Medalist Kathy Keats, and 2 time FCI World Champion Christine Charpentier, along with national and international champion Julie Daniels, as well as a host of other talents all versed in agility as well as their own disciplines. (Click on the names for bios / websites, or scroll down to the bottom of this page)

The perfect spa vacation....With an Agility theme !
Everything from choreography and balance to strength training.
Aerobics for agility!
Quick feet, quick mind.
Yoga for agility, a beautiful relaxing spa, sports massage for you and your dog.
Kathy Keats' computerized analysis of your handling
Hikes with dogs on 100 acres
A sanctuary in the pines.
Work and play as hard as you like!
Learn the mental balance that keeps it all fun on the way to your goals.
Learn from world renowned trainers and handlers as well as a host of other talents well versed in agility as well as their own disciplines
Improve the quality of your training and handling!


"There is an emphasis on the handler's work and the handler's fitness, but there will be a dog option available whenever there is a no-dogs option such as yoga for agility, aerobics moves for agility, etc. One morning class, Choreography I, features a half-hour without dogs to learn two or three good handler moves. We teach them dance style. Then, that afternoon there is Choreography II class, an hour long, with dogs and obstacles to practice those same moves of the day in our agility context. Next day, a new set of choreography and another chance to work the moves without dogs in the a.m., then with dogs in the afternoon.

So, yes, this is certainly a dog camp. But there will be non-dog classes offered every day as well. We will offer a dog agility activity throughout the day, so that anyone not wanting to do the handler fitness activities at any given time may choose to be doing agility directly."

Julie Daniels


Julie Daniels
Dr. Chris Zink
Kathy Keats
Christine Charpentier - bio coming soon!

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