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Photo Gallery of 2005 WMA Camps
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Scenes from WMA - 2005
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Intermediate Camp 2005
Above: Intermediate Camp 2005
Intermediate Camp 2005 Staff: From L to R
Val, Fiona, Jimmy, Sandy, Cheryl, Lisanne, Richard, Julie, Abbie, Stacy & Wanda
Arlene & Sunny practicing front crosses during a set at Intermediate Camp 2005.
Sunny concentrating through the weave poles at Intermediate Camp 2005.
Thanks, Arlene for sending these 2 photos!

Above: Guinness, an All American and his human, Kara, say that they both had a GREAT time at Intermediate Camp!
Thanks, Kara!
The second best activity at WMA Intermediate Camp !

Instructor Certification Course 2005
Above: Instructor Certification Camp 2005

Learning the value of tippy board games!
Julie showing benefits of foundation ladder work.
Julie lecturing in the WMA arena.  Clark loves being demo dog!
Local 4H club members and their family pets provided the hopeful WMA Instructor certification students with hands-on teaching opportunities.
Tippy planks are fun for dogs of all ages!

Agility Spa 2005

Agility Spa's "The Blessing of the Animals" 2005
The Reverend Ann Walling
Diane and Pilgrim.
Spring & Clark
Splash & Dash

Many townspeople came with their beloved pets.
The Blessing of the Animals.

New for Agility Spa 2005, The Sanctuary (above left and right) is a quiet spot in the woods can provide a Zen environment to commune and reflect for those who have lost special pets in their lives. Many thanks to Richard for his hard work on this project!

Wild Child Camp 2005
Wild Baby Buja Boards

Julie working with a Wild Child and handler.
Developing contact criteria for the Wild Child.  Lisanne explains why the solid foundation is so important for the Wild Child.
Developing solid contacts for the Wild Child.  Val shows contact proofing games to play with the Wild Child.

Wild Child Camp is for al levels of high energy agility dogs.  
If you missed out in 2005, be sure to send in your registration soon for 2006, as this unique camp fills quickly!  

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