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Photo Gallery of 2005 WMA Seminars
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Scenes from WMA - 2005 Seminars
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Participants of the October 1, 2005 Beginner Seminar...
...And here is the Intermediate group!
Above: Learning the baby see-saw.

Left: Clark wants to play too!
Above: Gaining confidence on the baby A-Frame
Above: First sequence!
Above: The Ladder, "Hey, I didn't know may back feet were attached! Cool!"
Intermediate see-saw games.
Above: Intermediate weave drills
Above: "Pay up, mom!"
Above: The Big Kids A-Frame!
Above: Racing to the end of the plank.
Above: Using all 4 feet independently!
Above: Weavin' Corgis!
Above: Front Crossin' Collies!
Above: More Intermediate see-saw games.
Above: Big smiles for the little dog!

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