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Spring at the USDAA National Team / Steeplechase Tournament in Dallas, TX in November, 2002

Photo by Tien Tran

Julie and Spring are on the USDAA's Lifetime Achievement Award list as well as the AKC's Lifetime MACH points list.  They have made USDAA's Top Ten list in every category and also won the AKC's Iams International Class for three years in a row at Springfield, the largest agility trial in the country.  In 2003 alone, they have been on the winning tournament 3-dog team at USDAA's Spring Festival, Saratoga, Denver, Fryeburg, Fair Hill, and the national championships in Texas (with 154 teams)..

Spring driving through the weave poles.

Spring successfully completed the Jumping from A-Z  program !

In 2002, Spring and Julie were a member of the gold medal team at the IFCS World Agility Championships in Russia.  

Julie & Spring are at the far left of the picture.
                  TOLD YA I WAS READY!!!!!!!!!!

Classic Tire Shots - both photos by Tien Tran.
An aerodynamic Spring at the USDAA Nationals in Dallas, 2002.

Below:  Spring powering through the weaves....

Both these weave pole photos were taken at the Cato USDAA Trial in May, 2005 by Sport Photography.
Rear crossing for a tight turn...
The Pick Up...
Drawing the path...
Spring has already planned her turn.
Now she can land on the new, tight path...

Ready to power through the turn.

Rear cross sequence photos by Sport Photography.

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