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In Memory
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The first White Mountain champions were two unlikely agility breeds -- Arrow, a Springer Spaniel, and Jessy & Anchor,  Rottweilers. Both Jessy and Arrow made the USDAA finals twice.

Examples of their agility prowess are shown in the photos on this page.
Anchor was a Rottweiler with drive and a super temperament.

Arrow was a very fast Springer Spaniel - shown here jumping 24" in the early days of USDAA.

The Rotties in the early days - ready for travel.  

Back then, there were few clubs with equipment, hence the loaded trailer!

Jessy in high drive.

After Jessy left the breed ring, Julie helped her to loose 25 lbs., unleashing her speed and great jumping capabilities.

Jessy was an extraordinary Rottweiler, who, Jumping 30", qualified for the USDAA Finals more than once.  

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