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Photos and Success Stories
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Send your photos and testimonials to include on this page!
(*photos in jpeg format and compressed as much as possible to help the many of us still on dial-up! Please compress and/or zip if you are sending multiple photos by e-mail.  FEEL FREE to send them by snail mail too!)
Check back often this year's sessions for more pictures!

Many of us who have attended a WMA camp have experienced dramatic changes in our training and handling skills.  Maybe you and your dog went on to win some big competitions, or maybe you & your canine partner have finally "connected" and are now truly experiencing the JOY of agility . Tell us how WMA helped you and your dog become a better team - we would LOVE to hear your success story!


Includes the 2004 IFCS World Agility Championships.

Including Beginner and Intermediate workshop, October 1st.

Including Intermediate Camp, Instructor Certification Course, Agility Spa and Wild Child Camp.

Including Family Pet class and Agility FUNdamentals class.

Including FUNdamentals Camp and Intermediate Camp.

Including WMA Camp 1993, Intermediate Camp 2000 and Instructor Certification 1994, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003.

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