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Books by Julie Daniels

Item # 51233 - Book

Enjoying Dog Agility: From Backyard to Competition

Now in its 10th printing, paperback - New, updated version available November 2006.

Item # 51233 Enjoying Dog Agility - Book  $25.00

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Reviews of ENJOYING DOG AGILITY: From Backyard to Competition

Nominated best Training Book of 1991 by the Dog Writer's Association of America and now in its eighth printing, and coming out in paperback.

"This book covers every aspect of the sport, from the very philosophy and origin of Agility to the proper training of your dog, yourself and your family for the level you choose...If you're looking for an excellent reference book on the sport of Dog Agility, don't hesitate to obtain a copy of ENJOYING DOG AGILITY; FROM BACKYARD TO COMPETITION" (Vicki Rand of Bloodlines, July-August 1991.) "I found this book truly a pleasure to review. Julie Daniels has given interesting information on practical and useful training techniques...useful and valuable reading for a wide audience of dog lovers of all types and from all breeds...In all, this reviewer was very impressed with the author's full, practical knowledge of the subject of agility and its importance as the foundation for canine physical and mental growth." (Margot Fusci of The Basenji, August 1991.)
Item # 51232 - Book

Jumping From A-Z: Teaching Your Dog to Soar

By Julie Daniels & Chris Zink

Teach your dog to soar! A complete jump training program for dogs of all ages for fun and competition. Mechanics, structure, conditioning, solutions to jumping problems.

Item # 51232 Jumping from A-Z Book  $20.00

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Item # 51231 - Book

The Teachers Room

Spiral bound soft cover

A compilation of our favorite articles written by Julie over the years.  There is lots of content here, for puppies to masters level dogs - something for everyone!

Item # 51231 Teachers Room - Book  $22.00

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DVDs By Julie Daniels

Item # 51230 - DVD

Agility Fix It: Contacts & Weaves

DVD Only

The long awaited first version of Julie's "Agility Fix It" Series.  This one's all about solving contact and weave pole problems using your clicker. A great DVD for club libraries!

Item # 51230 Agility Fix It DVD  $40.00

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WMA Training Items

Item # 51237 - WMA Clicker

Item # 51238 - WMA Clicker With Wristie

Our favorite training tool! Please allow us choose the color.

Item # 51237 WMA Clicker  $1.00
Item # 51238 WMA Clicker with Wristie  $5.00
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Item # 51235 - WMA Bait Bags

An absolute necessity! Keep all those training treats handy in our perfectly sized,  5 x 7, zipper style bait bag with clip. Machine washable durable nylon. Clips easily to pants or crate. Available in blue, as shown.
Item # 51235 WMA Bait Bag  $6.00

Thanks to our models, Gwen and her Beagle Ginger.
Item # 51234 - WMA Sports Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated during summer (and winter!) training sessions!  Our cobalt blue, premium sports water bottle features the WMA logo and made of a fade resistant poly carbonate blended material. Large 22oz capacity, indented safety grip sides, measurement graduations, splashguard inserts and it fits in your cup holder!

Item # 51234 WMA Water bottle  $9.00

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Item # 51236 - WMA Ball Caps

Keep the sun off your face and look great in the process! Fashioned by “Adams” in a pine green color.  Features a "Cool Crown" mesh liner, stitched WMA logo and an adjustable leather strap.

Item # 51236 WMA Ball Cap  $18.00

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Item # 51239 - WMA Tote Bag

Perfect for carting all your training gear!  Heavyweight natural canvas 18”x 15.5” with double-thick bottom and straps. 5” gusset and straps in navy. A sturdy and practical bag!

Item # 51239 WMA Tote Bag  $18.00

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