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Training & Handler Fitness Camp: For the physical, mental and spiritual performer in you.
October, 2006: (Dates TBD)

Work with 4 world-renowned trainers, then relax in the spa!   Featuring Chris Zink DVM, PhD., IFCS Gold Medalist Kathy Keats, and 2 time FCI World Champion Christine Charpentier, along with national and international champion Julie Daniels, as well as a a host of other talents all versed in agility as well as their own disciplines. (Click on the names for bios / websites, or scroll down to the bottom of this page)
PRE-REQUISITES: All levels of agility enthusiasts welcome! No fitness pre-requisites required.  You don't need to be in great shape to enjoy this camp! And YES, this IS a dog camp!
LIMITS: Limited to 25 campers with dogs.

FEE: (Includes gourmet catered spa cuisine (breakfast, lunch and snacks) as well as one sports massage for you or your dog) $800 / working spot with one dog (extra dogs add $50 / dog)

The perfect spa vacation....With an Agility theme !

Everything from choreography and balance to strength training.
Aerobics for agility!
Quick feet, quick mind.
Yoga for agility, a beautiful relaxing spa, sports massage for you and your dog.
Kathy Keats' computerized analysis of your handling
Hikes with dogs on 100 acres
A sanctuary in the pines.
Work and play as hard as you like!
Learn the mental balance that keeps it all fun on the way to your goals.
Learn from world renowned trainers and handlers as well as a host of other talents well versed in agility as well as their own disciplines
Improve the quality of your training and handling!


"There is an emphasis on the handler's work and the handler's fitness, but there will be a dog option available whenever there is a no-dogs option such as yoga for agility, aerobics moves for agility, etc. One morning class, Choreography I, features a half-hour without dogs to learn two or three good handler moves. We teach them dance style. Then, that afternoon there is Choreography II class, an hour long, with dogs and obstacles to practice those same moves of the day in our agility context. Next day, a new set of choreography and another chance to work the moves without dogs in the a.m., then with dogs in the afternoon.

So, yes, this is certainly a dog camp. But there will be non-dog classes offered every day as well. We will offer a dog agility activity throughout the day, so that anyone not wanting to do the handler fitness activities at any given time may choose to be doing agility directly."

Julie Daniels


Julie Daniels
Dr. Chris Zink
Kathy Keats IFCS Gold Medalist
Christine Charpentier, French FCI World Team Coach, 2005;  2 x FCI World Champion
DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORMS HERE: All Forms open with Acrobat Reader.   

Julie Daniels' Agility Spa Registration Form: Coming Soon!
Dog Health Form: Health_Report.pdf
Human Health Form: Human_Health_Report.pdf

Important Camp Information:
WMA facilities: 100 acres in the heart of New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest with 2 grass agility fields next to a swimming pond;  plenty of shade; walking trails with beautiful views, creeks and wildlife.
Indoor classroom, Indoor bathroom, beautiful pavilion for dining "Al fresco" and swapping notes or just for taking a break.
No dust!
Non - skid
Feels like real turf underfoot
Separate, fully matted crating / working area
NEW addition to the arena features a large, well insulated matted working / crating area and separate, HEATED viewing room!

An explanation of the $50 surcharge for each additional dog...
At WMA camps, we don't believe in closet dogs! Every dog, working or "non working", is part of the group and welcome to enjoy the camp. You may certainly switch dogs between sessions (not within sessions, please), and choose which dog to work in which session.

We keep these camps small, and we turn down a lot of money to do so! I think you'll appreciate that we don't let a small canine working group accidentally become a large canine social unit. Camps here afford you as much work as you want without being crowded. The result is low stress for people and dogs.

Camp Rules:

No individual will be allowed to participate without a SIGNED WAIVER (located on your camp's registration form).
Please send your dog's Veterinary Information Form (for EACH dog you are bringing), signed by your veterinarian, with your balance of payment. Download (Acrobat PDF file) : Health_Report.pdf
For Agility Spa, you will also need to send in your own Health Information Form.  Download (Acrobat PDF file): Human_Health_Report.pdf
Balance of payment is due 1 month prior to the beginning of your camp.  Due date is listed on your Camp Registration Form.
Your spot in a camp / seminar will be reserved upon receipt of your non-refundable $150 deposit. Balance is DUE 1 month prior to the beginning of your camp.  (Please refer to your camp's registration form for exact date)
Refunds: If you find you will be unable to attend a camp that you've signed up for, WMA will refund the amount paid to date LESS $150 if the request is made before the balance due date for your camp.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS AFTER THE CAMP'S "BALANCE DUE" DATE.



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