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Photo Gallery of 2004 Camps
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Scenes from WMA - 2004
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FUNdamentals Camp 2004
Cathy McNaughton with her puppy "Che" and his sister, "Tap" taking a break at FUNdamentals camp.
Billy Bob & Sally Ride, owned by Lisanne Major on the deck at WMA.  "Can we go swimming again? Please?"

Intermediate Camp 2004
Many thanks to Gary Wrotnowski for sending many of these photos!

Intermediate Camp 2004
Below:  2004 IFCS World Team Member, Abbie Tamber explaining the exercise to students at Intermediate Camp.
"Uh huh...Be right back...", says Blaze.  Yeah, we can fix those problems too! By the end of camp, this dog was working hard to earn diving into the pond as a jackpot reward!
Clark as demo dog during one of Julie's sets.
Learning independent contacts.
Instructor Laura Raymond and "Risk".

Above: Front X footwork...Cheryl & BC "Dash".

Right: See-Saw lecture and demo.

See-Saw training - for speed (above) and accuracy (right).

Making new friends...
Above: Teaching the Outside Turn cue.
Spring watches over sessions.
270's, Pull throughs and Sends...Oh my!

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