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Need a Roomie!
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Are you attending a camp?  Want to share a room with another camper?  Send an e-mail to the webmaster.

And please provide the following details:

1. Camp attending, dates arriving.
2. # of dogs you are bringing to camp
3. Describe your dog(s) (ie. space issues, quiet, will sleep in crate, sleeps on the bed, etc.)
4. Where do you have a reservation?
5. Contact info (Your name, e-mail and / or phone)
6. Any other info you think is important

Send your request to the webmaster.  Please do not send your request to Julie directly.  Thanks!

Campers needing Roommates: Updated May 14, 2008

Linda Knowles, TX is looking for a Roomie for Instructor Certification Camp!

Camp attending,   Instructor Certification Camp,
Arriving: Arriving Boston airport 4:20pm August 7, have rental car to share with someone also
Dogs:One, small JRT, have not decided which dog is coming yet, one sleeps on bed other in crate, can bark but good at night
Reservation: No reservation yet.
Contact info: or, phone 682-667-9816

Please let the webmaster know if you have found a roommate!

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