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Speed 'Em Up Camp March 17 - 19, 2006: (Check in 8-9 am on Friday, classes run 9-5 each day)
Updated 12-05-05.
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How to motivate the less speedy dog!  Designed for intermediate and Advanced level dogs who can benefit from an enthusiastic approach. Dogs should be competing in (or ready for) Novice or Open.  Don't have a motivation problem? Try Intermediate Camp !  Fees (includes continental breakfast, snacks and lunch each day): $500 / working spot with one dog (extra dogs add $50 / dog); $250 for auditors without dogs. All fees are in US dollars.
LIMITS: Limited to 20 campers with dogs.
EMPHASIS ON: Motivational games and handling tricks to bring out the inner speed of your dog.

Learn how to work well with your lower-drive dog.
Lots of games for SPEED !
How to help the dog who is too serious.
Shaping for demand on each obstacle.
Sequences and skill sets for dynamic handling.
REAL help on how to "lighten up"!
LOTS of individual help!
Lots to do and learn, even without a dog!

Bring your dog, your clicker, your targets, your ideas...and bring your questions!

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